Membrane Pegs



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Corona Membrane Pegs will securely fix the weed control membrane to the ground. Using our unique design we have allowed for plant root formation to grow through the peg, ensuring firm grip and allowing for free root development.


Made in the UK using recycled HDPE material, the pegs are environmentally friendly, strong and durable. 150mm in length (6 inches) 12 barbs (4 closed, 8 open) for excellent grip on the soil. Hexagonal head with reinforced ribs ensuring a fantastic grip on the membrane and the ability to stand up to blows from a mallet.



  • Corona Membrane Pegs are the perfect choice for securing weed control membrane to the soil
  • Our unique barb design allows for optimal root grip and enables root passage
  • Made from 100% recycled material the Corona Membrane Peg is environmentally friendly
  • Our carefully design product is strengthened at the head and along the length of the peg to ensure passage through tough soil
  • Our hexagonal head design gives fantastic grip on the fabric ensuring non slip


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