Plastic Injection Moulding came to the forefront during World War 2, when metal was in limited supply and it provided a durable resinous material, which can be moulded into almost anything. Take a look around – you are surrounded by objects manufactured via injectable plastic moulding:

In the injection moulded plastics industry, packaging is the largest market, closely followed by consumables and electronics. Consumables and electronics is also the fastest growing market within the injection moulded plastics industry today.

Corona has experience in the diverse production of injection moulded items from those used in the medical profession to the flooring industry and, more recently, poultry housing ventilation. However, we can see no end to the possibilities of what can be manufactured, as injection moulding can reproduce millions of parts at a fraction of the cost of other manufacturing processes.

Whatever your product is, just call Corona for expert advice and quotations – 028 3832 3452.


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